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Hopefully most questions can be answered here but if not, feel free to send us a message on our chat board

  • Do you still deliver Jaru Mart?
    Unfortunately we have temporarily ceased the operation of our Jaru Mart as we focus more on our new restaurant, Space Jaru, Food Markets and Retail businesses. You can still order (collection only) our kimchi & rayu from our website (under Retail section) or pop in to Space Jaru to purchase some of the Banchans and Pantry items you missed from JaruMart. Please keep an eye on our Social Medias for any updates! Thanks!
  • How are Jaru Mart products delivered?
    Most main dishes from the Jaru MART are frozen and our banchan are chilled. We pack all Jaru MART orders with ice packs and Woolcool thermal insulation to keep products at optimal temperatures while in transit. Please freeze or refrigerate these items as soon as possible once delivered.
  • What's the minimum order for delivery and delivery charges?
    The minimum order for delivery is €50, and delivery charges are €7.50 for Dublin and €9.50 for nationwide. Please note that due to the rapid increase in delivery costs (currently logistics charge us €8+vat for Dublin €12+vat for nationwide) and packaging costs (€1.50+ for the box, €4.50+ for the liners/icepacks), unfortunately, we are unable to continue the free delivery of over €100.
  • Are you open for takeaway?
    Unfortunately, we ceased the takeaway service last December but instead we have our JARU Mart! Also, we are currently looking for a place to open takeaway or a restaurant so stay tuned on our website & Instagram (@jarudublin) and hopefully we'll see you soon!!
  • How to reheat?
    All our products have labels on with reheating instructions either using microwave or oven. Please note that reheating instruction is a guide, the reheating time may differ depending on your oven/microwave. We recommend checking that the bottom of the tray and the center of the food are hot before eating.
  • What kind of packaging do you use?
    We aim to use zero plastic in our kitchen, but some items have to be packed in fully sealed plastic containers to prevent leaking. Over 95% of our products are packed in our fully compostable containers with recyclable films. Our thermal liner is made with recyclable wool which you can reuse for cushion, wrap, or even return it to us!
  • How long can I keep items in my fridge/freezer?
    Each item has its own best before date and batch code with it so we would recommend to consume within the best-before date. Most frozen items can be stored in your fridge for up to a month. For the chilled items, we would recommend to consume within 3 days except Kimchi, pickles, and sauces.
  • When/where I can collect my order?
    There is no minimum order for pick-up orders. The collection is available from our HQ kitchen based in Nutgrove Enterprise Park (D14 N253) on Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm. Order cut-off for collection is 2:00pm a day before.
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