Miyuk Guk, the Korean seaweed soup is known as the birthday soup for Koreans. Traditionally Korean mothers eat this soup after giving birth to recover as it is high in minerals and nutrition. And many Koreans, eat this seaweed soup on their birthday as a celebration and wish for good luck and health for the new year. 


Traditionally this seaweed soup is made with beef or clam, but in Jaru mart we give our own twist - using shiitake mushrooms which has lots of umami flavours as well as beefy texture. Serve this with a bowl of rice or noodle. Warm, gentle, soft, you're gonna love this.


Ingredients: Dried kelp, shiitake mushrooms, garlic, ginger, sesame oils, soy sauce, salt

Allergens: soy, sesame, wheat




Shiitake & seaweed soup (버섯 미역국)