Monthly JARU - May 2021 edition is now available to order for 28th-29th Fri/Sat delivery and collection. It's our last week with the May edition. This kit is enough for 2-3 people to share generously. 


MAY 2021: GWANGJU 1980 


Short-rib, Kimchicheese rice balls, Ballymaloe relish 주먹밥

Myanmar salad, laphet, peanut, tomato, lentil 미얀마샐러드

Cripsy monkfish cheek, broccolini, pickled onions 상추튀김

Asparagus, gochukaru, chives, soy, mirim, sesame 아스파라거스무침

Baby pork ribs, gochujang, salted shrimp, courgette 애호박찌개

Rump steak, soy pear glaze, rice cake, pistachio 떡갈비

+Sauces, banchans, pepero


*contains eggs, milk, fish, prawn, nuts, soybeans, wheat, sesame, mustard





Gwangju - literally means 'the city of light' - is a city located in South Jeolla province, well known as the gourmet destination in South Korea. 

18th of May 1980, the protest started in Gwangju by 200 young students from Chonnam national university against the military regime. The military blocked the city - nobody in, nobody out - the people living outside of Gwangju had no idea what was going on in the city. The citizens of Gwangju witnessed their young students got attacked by the soldiers brutally on their streets, which led them to join the protest. Three days later, on the 20th of May, more than 10,000 citizens gathered on the streets. Bus and taxi drivers helped the citizens to transport and march, Gwangju's mothers gathered and prepared rice balls to feed the citizens. Unfortunately, the army began to fire on citizens; in public, the massacre started. More than 300 people were killed, with dozens still missing. Despite the defeat, Gwangju's resistance is now seen as the first shot of ending the dictatorships and creating true democracy in South Korea. The city's spirit has been influencing many other Asian countries where still in the fight for democracy. 



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*photo by the May 518  memorial foundation 



Monthly Jaru: May 2021 - Gwangju