Did you know that L.A. has the biggest Koreatown in the world?


Over 100,000 Koreans live in Los Angeles now. The city of angel got everything about Korea: Korean sauna, Korean supermarket, Korean karaoke, and of course, lots of Korean BBQ spots.


Even some well-known Korean dishes like Spicy Soft-tofu stew 순두부찌개 is actually originated from L.A., not Korea; the dish was invented to feed hungry Korean immigrant farmers. Also Korean x Mexican combo is a popular genre in L.A. "Salsa = Kimchi, Taco = Ssam, Soju = Tequila, Gochu = Jalapeno"... Very far two countries, but lots in common with foods. 


In this monthly Jaru episode, we try to bring you the Korean BBQ experience with some L.A. twists. You might need to prepare some soju for more advance (or hard-core) Korean BBQ experience, but if you can't have one - try this kit with any Riesling Wine, and thank me later. 


* If you want to know more about the K-Town L.A, highly recommend to watch Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Parts Unknown - S01/EP02, K-Town’ on Netflix.



Monthly Jaru: July 2021 - K-Town L.A.