Lovely Bom Sanche Namul 산채나물 (Sansai in Japanese) ranges have just arrived in our kitchen from our friend Alex @Singing Frogs Gardens. 


Gobi namul (Zenmai in Japanese) '고비나물' is similar to Gosari 고사리 (Warabi in Japanese), but it has richer flavours and a bit more firm texture, perfect for braising to make a side dish or Bibimbap! 



Some recipes using Gobi :


* Please note we only have very limited amounts in stock. Also notice that we don't take profit on this product as we just want you to try this unique vegetable (grown in Ireland!) also we can use this beauty in our kitchen- the price covers ingredient price, the postal charge from West Cork & delivery costs :) 

Gobi (Zenmai) from West Cork - 봄한정 고비나물 (150g)