Dongchimi - Radish water kimchi (동치미) 500ml

Dongchimi - Radish water kimchi (동치미) 500ml


One of the most popular wintertime Kimchi varieties, made with Moo (white radish), peppers, scallions, ginger, and water.


We made this Dongchimi last August, so it has been fermented for nearly four months now. We didn't add any sugar, sprite (commonly used in Korea! :) or artificial - it purely made with water, salt, and vegetables.  We only have 10+ pots, so you better hurry! 


지난 8월에 담궈 4개월정도 저온숙성된 동치미입니다. 설탕, 사이다나 인공조미료 없이 물과 소금, 그리고 야채로만 만든 삼삼한 맛에 동치미입니다. 


No allergens. but it may contains wheat, soybeans.

Ingredients: Mooli radish, scallions, ginger, garlic, peppers, kelp, water, salt

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