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[RECIPE] Seaweed Soup 미역국

Miyeok-Guk ('Miyeok' means 'Seaweed', 'Guk' means 'Soup') - is probably the most popular breakfast menu for Koreans, it's warm, hearty, delicate, and rich with iron & minerals. This soup is usually served with some rice and banchans, it particularly goes well with well-riped kimchi.

Also, Koreans have this soup on their birthday. In Korea, they feed this healthy and hearty soup to moms after giving birth, and this tradition continues in their life by having Miyeok-Guk on their birthday, thanking their moms.

There are so many variations of Miyeok-Guk, every mom has a different recipe. If you were grown up in Jeju Island, you would have it with Sea Urchin or Clams, if you are from Gangwon-do, usually with beef. Chicken, mussels, mushrooms, oysters, crab would be also popular choices.

*image: Chungjungone

INGREDIENTS (2-3 servings)

- 100g mushrooms (for vegan) or stewing beef, sliced into small pieces

- 2tbsp Soy sauce for soup or Joseon soy sauce (traditional light soy)

- 1tbsp of minced garlic

- 5 cups water

- 1tsp salt / 1tsp pepper for final seasoning

  1. First, you need to soak the dried seaweed in lukewarm water for 10 minutes. Drain it well and rinse in running water a couple of times. Drain well - cut into finger length.

  2. On a medium-high heated pan, add the sesame oil, garlic and soy sauce, then add the seaweed.

  3. Stir fry it for around 2 minutes, and add your preferred protein. Stir fry for another 2 minutes.

  4. Add half of the water, let it boil. Once it boiled, add the rest of the water.

  5. Turn the heat to medium-low heat, let it simmer for around 1hour. If you want extra flavour, you could lower the heat and cook it a bit longer. You will see the broth will get deeper and richer when you boil it longer.

  6. Taste the soup and add more salt & pepper if needed.

  7. Serve with a big bowl of rice and some kimchi. This soup actually tastes better on next day, so save some if you have left and reheat on your microwave.

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