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6-Ways to improve your RAMYUN (Korean Instant Noodle)

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Ever wonder what to do with that plain old instant noodle hiding inside your shelf? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you some tips and tricks to make that Ramyun more exciting and less boring to eat!

Let's start with the basics: cooking instant Ramyun with Kimchi is a common go-to meal for many Koreans. BUT, you can also add a number of toppings to enhance the flavor and nutrients, or just simply to make it look more appetizing! Here’s what you need:

Specialize with your toppings:

First, cook your Ramyun as instructed on the back of the packet and then prepare these toppings depending on your mood.

1. Simple way! Eggs (crack it on top of the ramyun while it’s hot), slice of cheese (the best part is when it melts on the hot noodles), scallion (chopped for garnish). Optional: add Tteok (rice cake) and Mandu (dumplings).

You can choose one of the above or add everything you want!

2. Challenging way! If you want to level up and challenge yourself, try these flavours.

For one portion, try half a spoon of gochujang(chili paste) or doenjang(milder soybean paste) or ketchup/ballymaloe relish. Optional: add a spoonful of grind garlic to develop the flavour! You can choose one of these or add everything you want!

(Photo: GoodPeople)

3. Fancy way, add meat! Grill some beef steak or shrimp and put it on top of the ramyun! Who said Ramyun is a cheap food?

(Photo: Futsal)

Change your cooking style:

4. Start with cold water! It’s a popular among Koreans. Just throw your ramyun and powder mix altogether in a pot of cold water. When it starts to boil, keep it boiling roughly 45 seconds: cooking faster = better texture.

5. Stir fry your Ramyun! After boiling the noodle for 2 mins pour out most of the water and use half of the seasoning mix and stir fry it for 2 mins in a pan.

6. Mix match Ramyun! Mix and match different Ramyun(s) of your choice. Inspired by the famous Jjapaguri in the Oscar Winning movie Parasite. Here's a link to MAANCHI's recipe.

We recommend jjajang ramen with Neoguri ramyun.

(Photo: Kim Dong-wook)

Hope you enjoy your new Ramyun! Jal muk ke ssumnida!

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