Kimchi 'Hot' dog

김치 ‘핫’ 도그

Kimchi hotdog.jpg

This recipe is very simple, but you will see a big difference at the end. A small touch can make a whole lot different! Kimchi is not just for serving with Korean foods… It surprisingly goes well with any dishes - give a little twist. I would recommend using brioche buns, because its soft texture and little sweetness of the brioche goes really well with Kimchi's spicy, sharp flavours - but, really, any buns will work well... Trust me.

Ingredients (served 2)

  • 2 brioche buns

  • Your favourite sausage (I used Bratwust. Try griied aubergine for vegan option. really good…)

  • 2 tbsp of Jaru’s original kimchi (about 30g)

  • Chopped tomatoes

  • Gem lettuce

  • Grated mozzarella cheese


  1. Heat a pan to low-medium heat, toast the buns for about 1 minute to each side. Take it out, set aside. (You don’t need to add any fat, Brioche has it enough already!)

  2. On the same pan, bring the heat to medium-high, add a bit of oil, cook the sausage thoroughly. It generally takes 15 minutes, but make it fast, put a lid or similar size of pan on top (grilling+steaming) and turn the side every 2 minutes just to avoid any burnt.

  3. Once the sausage is ready, set a side. In the same pan, add a teaspoon of oil and saute the kimchi for 30 seconds. The kimchi will take up all the flavours from the pan, and also the spiciness of the kimchi will be reduced.

  4. Time to assemble! Start with gem lettuce (any of your preferred green will work, but make sure to get something crispy!), add sausage on top of the lettuce, sprinkly cheese after, and finally tomatoes and Kimchi.

  5. You probably don’t need any sauce because Kimchi and Tomato will do, but some mustard on the top would make it even better.

  6. Serve with cold, cold beer. Again, cold.

Gunmoo Kim