GUNMOO KIM / Product Developer, ceo

Gunmoo is originally from South Korea, where his family runs a small food company. Naturally, many of Gunmoo's childhood memories are all about food, from harvesting to cooking. In 2010, after two years of military service in South Korea,  the desire for new experience drove him to Ireland. 

He loved challenges, but it wasn't that easy in reality. He came to Ireland alone, had no language skills and money. Firstly, he studied English, spent all day and night in language school and library. Three months later, he luckily got a job at a small Korean restaurant in Dublin. While working in this restaurant for two years, Gunmoo could see market potential for genuine Korean food in Ireland, and he started to plan Jaru. 

Things take time. To learn and understand Irish and European food industry and business properly, Gunmoo studied in DIT for a BSc Culinary Entrepreneurship for four years.While studying, he kept working in various food businesses from an Asian food production to a fine-dining French restaurant to gain experience in the real world. He also travelled around the US exploring New Korean food scene in the states and worked in a Michelin-starred Korean restaurant in Manhattan. 

Gunmoo came back to Ireland in 2015, and started to develop a business plan for Jaru.  The business plan was awarded at Dockland /DIT Enterprise Competition. He developed Jaru's Kimchi as his final year project, and also published thesis regard evaluation of Korean food business in Ireland/Europe.